Today we will look at a fairly promising token based on the release of ross ulbricht

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What is;

According to by clicking here is the only crypto project 100% dedicated to freeing Ross Ulbricht!. FREE ROSS NOW is a cause-driven community dedicated to a simple mission: To #FREEROSS (Ross Ulbricht.) Our work is heavily focused on the Solana token, our NFT collections, and collaboration with other projects, both on-chain and off-chain. in the digital and the physical.

Our goal of building the buzz about Ross and his case in this presidential election seems to be working wonderfully! The #SummerOfRoss is coming and we're going to show the world how much #SolanaLovesRoss.

How to buy it

To buy Token Free Ross Now you can buy it from yup or Photon SOL

Let's see from jup step by step.

The first step is directly from the decentralized exchange Yup which is one of the best to buy tokens that is in the Solana network.

However what we will need now is that you have a Phantom wallet and have sent to the Solana Coin wallet.

You will put them on SOL that you want to invest and accordingly it will show you the Tokens you will get.

you will press swap and that was it.

Price prediction

Token FRN is a fairly new token the levels I would like to see to buy are in the $0.000712251924197.

Personally, I expect a lot from this token because if Ross is released from prison, I think this token will run a lot.


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