A lot of people ask me if there is a strategy they can follow in meme coins to trade on their own.

So today we will analyze one of the easiest but also with very good results meme coins trading strategy in solana.

First we will need to have a Bot to be able to buy and sell our tokens. We use it Trojan Bot which is one of the best meme coins trading bots

Detailed guide to how Trojan Bot works

Let's start in the article and see what a beginner does.

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A newbie trying to buy and trade meme coins usually the first thing they will do is buy at the top and either sell big or gently lose all their money.

Wrong entry made by traders

However you will have to be more observant and patient to see what the 5% do and earn money from meme coins

The strategy

What you need to do is go to the dexscreener home page and look for tokens that have gone up a lot and see where the most significant level the price has held was.

You will be looking for these trades in the 15 minute time frame and above.

and what you will put is 2 limit DCA in meme coin, as in the example and we will try to earn 50% profit.

Meme coin trading strategy

If for example both 2 DCAs are opened, as soon as we reach 50% we are closing both positions we have opened.

In the next example you will see a token that made a rug.

We don't want a token meme coin that has such big red candles because it shows that something is wrong.

However we see that if you did the strategy it may have gone out of the zone but it gave profit.

But it is good to avoid such tokens that have such a steep drop.

Next example we see that the token did not last in our first target, and the reason is this wick that went down enough so the upper box was invalid and we should not look at it for a possible entry.

However, in the next target position we see that both DCA limits reached 2% with profit.

Several tokens at 50% start and lose power because they are trying to take profits, and 90% simply go to zero.

but there is also a 10% that goes up too much.

In this strategy we follow 50% profit and then look for another token.

Let's look at one more example

We notice that the Token at number 1 has made an accumulation of price and we know that if the price falls the potential buyers will find themselves at this level again, as it did.

We had already set them up buy limit and as soon as our Trade opened we will sell at 50%.

Caution if, for example, the Bot is late in opening our position in Trade, what we will do is when the price on the Chart touches the 50% we had set before, we will close it with a smaller profit as I show in the example..

The results we had with the meme coins we bought with this strategy.


Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks if you are a beginner. The Information in the post is my OPINION and not financial advice. You are responsible for what you do with your money

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