Several people have asked me if there is a good group in Greek so you can find the best ones Crypto Airdop.

Today I have a detailed presentation of what you will find inside Discrod Digital Asset Land

Τι είναι το Discrod Digital Asset Land

His closed group Digital Asset Land is a discord server where you can find the best Airdrops with 600 other people.

What is Airdrop Crypto?

In simple words, Crypto airdrops are cryptocurrencies that a project will send you because you have helped the network from a very early stage or you have done some specific procedures, the money you can earn varies from project to project but it is certainly enough.

However, we will write a detailed article on what Cryptocurrency Aidrops are.

What will we find on the Server?

Let's go now to see the important rooms you will find in the group

Airdrop Lessons

In the room #academy you will find 10 videos with detailed tips on what someone needs to know and win from Airdrop.

The best Airdrops

In the Airdrops-Tier1 and 2 rooms, the best Airdrops available will be uploaded there so you can get in quickly without searching for hours to find them.

Discussion and advice on Projects

However, there are also 6 rooms where you can write questions and read contributions on how to get the most airdrop

Room with scams

Another very important room is the #Scams , a room that as soon as something happens and someone notices it goes straight up there so you don't step on it and get your money stolen.

However, inside the server you will find rooms for New alert quests for airdrops so that you don't miss any, a room that you can also upload if you find a good airdrop project, and generally various rooms with the theme of airdrops

How to enter the Server

To register and enter the server, click here Digital Asset Land and he will put you on his page whoop.

You will choose if you want to enter by month, 6 months, or the time package and you will press it Get Access and will have you pay with your card.

Once you have entered the required information you will press Subscribe and you will connect to it Discord and you will press Claim Access

My opinion

In general, the server gives a huge value and anyone who wants to get serious about airdrops must be inside so that they don't lose anything and of course learn what it takes to come out a winner.

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Discord – Digital Asset Land

Youtube -


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