Good evening and welcome to a driver who was late to come out. As you will see in the title today we will see how the Ledger Nano X works and how we install it.

If you have not bought the ledger nano X you can buy it from here Link

(there is no customs and the shipping is all in the price or he will write you how much it is.)

The plans are not mine I got them from YouTube because I did the installation.

How do we put a code in the ledger?

Once you open the ledger nano X it will take you to the welcome there it will tell you that with the right button on the device you can go to the menu.

After pressing the right button we will stop at the point that will write to us + Set up as new device

Now to press Ender and enter this category we press at the same time both buttons we have on the ledger. It will send us a message choose PIN code of 4 to 8 digits. And to enter the code we press both buttons.

At this point we will put a personal code (in the box that the ledger will have some papers write the codes there + to keep them very well from fire and water. Because if these codes are lost the ledger never opens.)

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Now to enter your password, with the left button it goes down and with the right the numbers go up. For example, if you want to enter the first number, you press both buttons together and it will prompt you to write the next number. It will then ask you to re-enter the password to confirm.

How do we put them? recovery phrase in Ledger

In the next step he will send us a message that he will write write down your recovery phrase then we press both buttons together and it will give us a message that will say WARNING these 24 words are your only backup secure them carefully.

Here again great attention in the next step will give us 24 words that we should write on these papers that we have in the box or on some of your own paper that where you hide it will not be lost or spoiled. + These words if the device breaks with a new ledger you can access again.

So we press both buttons and it will take us the first word to write on the paper.

He will write something else to you instead of Finger writing to me. After we write the first word we press the right button and it will bring out the next word number two. We continue with the same process until we write all 24 words.

Once you write it all down again you see that you have not made a mistake with the left button you can go back. If all goes well it will send you a message ( Press left to verify your 24 words press both buttons to continue ) that you press both buttons to save the words.

In the next step you will get a message that will say confirm your recovery phrase

We press both buttons and it will take us out confirm word # 1 and we should put the word we have at number one. so to me it was the word finger so with the right button I will search to find the word finger. Once we find the word we press both buttons. The same process until you reach word 24.

Once you confirm all the words we press both buttons you will get a message that will write Your device is ready

We press the right button and it will take us out access here we have to connect the pc to the ledger with the usd cable you can also do it with Bluetooth from the mobile but we do it for you with the pc.

Install Ledger Live on PC

We also download it ledger program for the pc and after we run the application it will get us to this point.

We write the pin code and the recovery phrase, the words we wrote.

After you have connected to the pc as soon as you reach the category connect nano you will get a message in the ledger and you will press both buttons as shown in the auxiliary example.

Then he will take you out of the menu and write to you install app if you do not get it directly with the button left to right you will find it.

So we press both buttons and we get this message that we show in the photo use manager we do not do anything we go to the pc in the program.

Go to the application on the pc go to the category manager and press the button firmware update gives us a message we choose i have my recovery phrase and press. Continue on the spot in the ledger will send us a message that will write firmware update.

Let's go to ledger we press the right button until it takes us out identifier (2/2) there it will be automatically updated and will send you a message ✓ preform update and press both buttons together.

Then press close and that was it.

In the next guide we will see how to send from Binance to the ledger

I hope I helped with this guide in Greek any question write me in the comments below thank you.


My name is Giorgos Bitsounis and I have been dealing with crypto since 2014 and after several years in 2019 I decided to start this website and YouTube channel with the aim of helping as many people as possible to get started in Cryptocurrencies.

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