In today's guide I will show you how you can do Future Trading through the Delta Exchange platform, and we will also mention a strategy plan I follow to get trades.

Website: Crypto & Simplex
Location: SingaporeWithdrawal Fees: Differs for each coin
Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX, XRP, BNB, and 100+ moreTrading Fees: Spot and Options trading: 0.05%
Mobile app: Android & iOSBonus: Yes

How to register on Delta Exchange.

To connect to the platform click here to get a 10% discount on your fees.

Once you log in to the exchange's home page you will click Sign up and you will get a card that will write your country, an email, a security code and at the end you will have the referral code to get the 10% discount on your fees.

How can I do KYC.

To certify your account you will click on the category I show you below in the description and then the platform will guide you because I have done the certification

Bybit Exchange | Registration Guide & How It Works | Future & Spot [2022]

How to make a deposit at the exchange.

To make a deposit at the exchange you will go to the offers category and choose which bonus suits you the most famous is the new 500 where if you put money up to $ 500 it will give you a 10% bonus on the money you put. To send the money you will scan the qr next to it or the address and you will send it with the network that writes next to you.

How to get a Future transaction.

It will then put you on the main page of the exchange where you will go to the category Trade => Future and will take you to the main page of the future.

Here in the category we choose in which currency we will trade for example I currently have BTCUSDT.

In category 2 one of the most important things is the isolated and the transplant you will use (The isolated option is that for example if we have $ 1000 in our account and we want to risk $ 500 we only risk $ 500 and not the remaining $ 500 we have in our account) next to isolated has x4 this x4 is the transplant we want to put to raise our position, for example we have $ 100 with x4 transplant we have $ 100 ours and our exchange lends another $ 300 and if we lose we only lose the $ 100 we put in from the beginning, another example we have $ 1000 in our account and with x4 transplant our place will go to $ 4000 we just need to know what to risk so we can take the risk.

In category 3 is Buy and sell where if we have confirmation that the market will rise we press buy and if we have confirmation that the market will fall we press sell and we gain from the fall.

In category 4 is the limit and the market with the limit can be bought automatically at a point where the price has not gone yet while with the market we buy directly (choose the limit because it has less fees + to have a few token deto for even less fees).

In category 5 is the money that we will put in the trade that includes the transplant together.

In category 6 is the take profit and the stop loss in take profit we put where to stop the trade in profit and with the stop loss which will stop the trade with loss knowing that in a trade the money you have to lose is only 2% to 4% of your account for example in the $ 1000 deposit you have made in each trade you must lose 2 to 4% so $ 1000- 4% = - $ 40.

I hope you found the guide useful that you have a question you can write me below in the comments.

 DISCLAIMER: Trading cryptocurrencies is VERY dangerous. Make sure you understand these risks if you are a beginner. The Information in the post is my OPINION and not financial advice. You are responsible for what you do with your money 🚨


My name is Giorgos Bitsounis and I have been dealing with crypto since 2014 and after several years in 2019 I decided to start this website and YouTube channel with the aim of helping as many people as possible to get started in Cryptocurrencies.

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