What is OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is an online content subscription service based in London. Content creators earn money from users who subscribe to their content.

It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis, as well as pay-per-view. The site has 2 million content creators and 130 million users.

The service is popular and usually associated with pornographic content, but also hosts other types of content, such as fitness, musicians and more.

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How to join OnlyFans? – Creator registration process.

First of all, you need to access the official website ( onlyfans.com ) starting by clicking the button below:

Once you click on the link it will take you to the main page to register in several different ways Twitter, Gmail, Microsoft to create a new account.

How to verify your e-mail?

Once you have successfully completed your registration, it is mandatory to verify your email, you will have received an email to verify. If you did not receive a check in the main section, please check your SPAM folder or just wait a few minutes.

How to verify your identity on OnlyFans.com

If you are a creator and intend to stream revenue on this platform first of all you should verify your personal information and your identity. Follow these instructions:

Go to: Profile -> Subscription price -> “Add a bank account or payment information”
The button in the upper right corner -> “Add bank"

You will have to confirm your country by selecting it from the list and confirm that you are over 18 years old, finally click the button "Newer posts».

Fill in the fields with First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip Code, and Date of Birth.

Identity Verification:

Your document must be the official one of your country, choose between passport η identity. You will need to upload two photos. (In many countries they don't accept ID, so if you have a passport go for it)

Add the identity expiration date and answer the question about the type of content to be uploaded, finally click the button "Submit for approval». You will receive an e-mail with the subject “Your account is pending approval” and in less than 72 hours (3 days) you will receive a reply, “Your account has been approved »

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How creators make money on Onlyfans

There are many ways you can earn money on Onlyfans. Here are different ways creators make money on Onlyfans:

Subscriptions: Someone can sign up with you and pay a monthly fee (for 30 days). Your fans will have access to all content except the scouting videos which will have an extra charge.

Money via PPV : Videos pay-per-view they're what your fans have to pay for before they can watch them. Not all content should be PPV, but only what you think is appropriate, and your fans will pay to watch.

Custom Video: An Onlyfans creator could charge you $50 to $500 per custom video or image, as your profile goes up you'll also receive fan messages asking you to make custom videos for them, if you can do that you're welcome and send the video. Always remember to get 50% of the money up front because there are many scammers in this field.

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How to promote your Onlyfans page

tik tok: TikTok is an amazing platform for beginner Onlyfans creators to start promoting their page. One of the best things about using TikTok as someone with no followers on Onlyfans is that you can become very successful on TikTok overnight.

A big downside to using TikTok to promote your page on Onlyfans is that TikTok is very sensitive about promoting adult sites on its site. They can ban you or suspend your account for life, for this content you will upload there you should be very careful (look from other profiles that have onlyfans and tiktok and get ideas).

Twitter: Twitter is another great platform where adult content creators on Onlyfans can post their content without worrying about getting banned because Twitter is an adult-friendly platform. All you can do is go to other profiles that have people and comment on other people's photos and follow people who are interested in the content you will be uploading.

My opinion: Onlyfans is a very worthy platform that through this way if you apply what we said and upload daily content and on Tiktok, Twitter, Onlyfans you will get a lot of followers and make huge amount every month.



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