What is Parallel Network

Parallel Network is a complete scaling solution Layer 2 based on Ethereum, which leverages Arbitrum's Nitro Stack, the same technology that powers Arbitrum, AAVE and Socket DL. It offers an omni-chain platform that consolidates liquidity from various blockchains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum and Base using native L2 broker accounts.

These L2 broker accounts essentially act as proxy smart contracts, taking on the role of trusted and non-custodial entities that connect Automated User Operations (AUFs) with the native chains supported by Parallel.

Through this method, liquidity is pooled, improving capital efficiency and creating an ecosystem omni-chain where users can perform actions on different chains with ease.

How to start

To get started you must have downloaded the metamask wallet and you should connect the network parallel testnet

Name: Parallel Testnet


Explorer: https://explorerl2new-accused-coffee-koala-b9fn1dik76.t.conduit.xyz

Chain ID: 9659

Sign in to Airdrop

The first step you should do after you have downloaded metamask and set up the network testnet Parallel is to enter the page of parallel.


Once logged in it will ask you to put code to take part in the airdrop.

SKU: 469CB

It will then ask you to connect the metamask and it will connect Twitter us and we will make one Follow Parallel and one retweet the post and you will press start.

You will then need to enter the page alchemy and on this page you will be able to get Sepolia ETH 0.05 every day but it will be for the testnet

However to be able to get them sepolia ETH you should have at least over 0.001 ETH on mainnet.

If you have the ETH you will register on the page alchemy and you will put it Address of metamask.

The next step should be after you have received the sepolia (they can take well over 3 hours sometimes) will enter the Parallel bridge and send the sepolia to the parallei and you will press it Bridge.

Once the Bridge you should go to again Home and press it Create parallel Account and it will prompt you to confirm on the metamask, you will press Confirm and the account is ready.

Then you will press it App and you will select the category wallet .

And you will press Get test tokens

and you will see the test money in the wallet.

Then you will press it apps and press lending.

It will take you to the lending page and you will press supply -> AA WALLET you will click on NFTs and you will press Supply NFT.

Then you will also go to ERC-20 Tokens and click on Supply and you will put money, also in blur.

After a while the button will come off claim , and you will press it. and then you can experiment within the platform to collect points.

However, for extra points you can also promote him code so that other people can enter the airdrop.


Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks if you are a beginner. The Information in the post is my OPINION and not financial advice. You are responsible for what you do with your money

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